The development trend of vacuum dryer to energy-saving type
Nov 12, 2018

In order to improve production equipment to ensure product quality, a variety of foreign continuous vacuum drying equipment was developed more than 10 years ago. However, the technical level in China and the people's understanding of the concept of constraints, the development of relatively slow.  

With the continuous progress and development of microcomputer technology and automatic control technology, computer automatic detection and control technology has been introduced in many fields, and the requirements of computer automatic measurement and control system are more and more high, and all kinds of flexible configuration software came into being. At present, one of the important reasons for the slow development of vacuum dryers in China is to imitate each other and lack innovation in the same technical level. Experts say that an important driver of changes in the drying effect of the product is the evaporation temperature of the liquid contained, and that the temperature of the vacuum drying depends on the process pressure.  

Reducing the process pressure reduces the evaporation temperature, which can bring many benefits, especially for contact drying. Today, the application of vacuum dryer in many industries have shown a wide range of momentum, as long as it is a reasonable drying of materials, if you can save energy consumption in use, this will be to improve production efficiency, save production costs of the advantages, should adopt a reasonable design concept, optimize the overall coordination of the system,  

Increase the type of dryer selection, in the development and production at the same time, improve the advantages of the product.  

Industry insiders believe that the trend of vacuum dryer to energy-saving development, is worth studying the subject of many production enterprises, if you can make better use of energy-saving products, product sales will become a trend of improvement, and users can also obtain higher profits from it, so that energy-saving development will be the road to innovation in the dryer industry. Experts say that the vacuum drying process is a complex, time-varying, non-linear industrial process, drying control is to adjust and control the process parameters affecting the entire drying process.  

If the vacuum dryer can work closely with production, learning and research, it will certainly be able to achieve more remarkable results.

 Modern science and technology is becoming more and more developed, vacuum dryer gradually eliminated the old paste drying, for the development of domestic vacuum dryer, has been in the rising stage of development, many good products show the actual performance has been very superior, not only for the production of enterprises to bring convenience, but also improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

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