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Application Range Of Belt Dryer
Nov 12, 2018

Belt Dryer has a wide range of use, at present in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields have its useful. However, the standard of selection in each field is different, because the requirements and parameters of dry materials in various fields are quite different. For example: in the pharmaceutical industry (especially traditional Chinese medicine), the general viscosity of the extract is larger, and the drying temperature requirements are more stringent, melting point control to be accurate (especially polysaccharide materials), vacuum control range to meet the requirements of different segments of the heating temperature and to have online automatic adjustment function and so on. In addition, the detection system should be as perfect as possible to comply with pharmaceutical GMP standards. For the food industry, the solid content of its material extract is generally relatively large (more than 65%), the production requirements and product specific capacity, appearance and so on are the key to the selection standard of vacuum belt dryer, food grade vacuum belt dryer selection process has two elements must not be ignored: one is the unit energy consumption ratio problem, The other is supporting equipment such as the front stage of raw materials transportation, dry products after fine crushing and packaging.

As for the biological, chemical use of vacuum belt dryer because of the different forms of products, so the selection criteria are extremely complex, so it is necessary to take extra care.

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