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Drying Equipment Requirements Where Are The Highlights
Nov 12, 2018

According to China general Machinery drying Equipment Industry association revealed that in the next few years, China's demand for drying equipment will be significantly increased in the following areas. In the field of grain drying, small drying equipment for rice and wheat drying (5 tons/less), the annual demand is expected to reach about thousands of units; The annual demand for chemical drying equipment will reach about 3000 units (sets); The annual demand for pharmaceutical drying equipment will reach about 3000 units (sets); The annual demand for drying equipment for agroforestry local products will reach about 2000 units (sets), and the annual demand for light industrial drying equipment will reach about 2000 units (sets). 

In the drying equipment type, will be hot air heating atmospheric pressure drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment, other such as far infrared drying equipment, microwave drying equipment and other special areas of users will gradually expand the number of applications, in the food, pharmaceutical drying, vacuum freeze-drying equipment in the larger specifications of equipment demand will increase ; The demand for equipment with functional combinations (such as granulation-drying, drying-filtration) will also increase; High automation drying equipment will be welcomed in a number of application areas.

In addition, the appearance of drying equipment quality will be more and more attention, corrosive material drying equipment corrosion resistance and reliable service life, will be particularly concerned by users.

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