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Four Process Design Methods Of Rotary Flash Dryer
Nov 12, 2018

1, the determination of the drying room The evaporation strength of some materials is treated by rotary flash dryer, and the volume heat transfer method is the theoretical design method of rotary flash dryer. However, the most critical volume heat coefficient in this method is difficult to determine, so there is a lack of maneuverability. Evaporation intensity method is an indirect method of volume heat transfer method, as long as there is a certain amount of experimental data can be calculated, is often used in industrial design methods. The evaporation intensity method calculates the volume of the drying chamber according to the evaporation water quantity and evaporation intensity, and then calculates the effective height according to the relationship between diameter and height.

2, drying room diameter

Another method is to calculate the required air dosage by material accounting and heat accounting, and then determine the diameter of the dryer according to the air speed range.

3, the height of the dryer and graded particle size The hot air from the hot air dispenser into the tangent direction through the annular gap into the human drying room, the drying room of the material under the action of hot air blowing and agitator under the push of the spiral rotation rise movement.

When the fluid movement of smaller particles under the action of Centrifugal force field is studied, the influence of gravity action is very small, so it can be ignored.

4. Application of Rotary flash drying machine

Partial rotary flash dryer operating conditions, the upper part of the drying room with a grading ring, its role is mainly to make the particles larger or not dry materials and qualified products separated, block in the drying room can effectively ensure product granularity and moisture requirements.

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