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The Leading Role Of The Scientific And Technological Content Of Drying Equipment
Nov 12, 2018

By the national chemical development situation continues to good drive, drying equipment market situation is stable and optimistic, production enterprises generally obtained better business performance.

The scientific and technological content of drying equipment is beginning to play a leading role. At present, the distinctive feature of drying equipment service chemical industry is that the role of technology content is becoming more and more prominent. This and the past sales of products mainly rely on price competition has been very different.

Among them, some drying equipment technology content is high, pay attention to the development of new products manufacturers, the efficiency is increasing; on the contrary, some products with low technical content, weak new product and new technology development capabilities, the benefits began to decline. More typical is Lanzhou Rhett Drying Technology Co., Ltd., its production strength in large-scale equipment is very strong, at present in the domestic basic has been unmatched. Shandong Tian Force back to the Shandong Academy of Sciences Energy Institute, has a strong technical support, but also very emphasis on the development of large-scale equipment, according to the needs of the industry to develop large-scale professional complete sets of treatment equipment since the beginning of last year has set a good economic benefits.

Wuxi linzhouding Drying Equipment Factory and Dalian University of Technology, China Forest Academy and other colleges and universities, scientific research units jointly developed spray drying technology, not only won the favor of the domestic market, the end of China's past spray drying machinery simply rely on imports, but also into the international market.

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